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Board Members - Managing the Direction of the University

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Our board was created last year and is still growing, it's intent is to help preserve more integrity / respect of the Martial Arts Industry, by showcasing more examples of what should be and can be taught.

Board Members help manage the direction of the universities and play a major part of setting industry standards of martial arts qualifications, for instructors in around the world.

MAU believes that each and every course needs to be sending the right message to its students and that when you graduate from a MAU course, it holds a level of respect and prestige, that is hard to get anywhere else.

We use the IMACC (International Martial Arts Coaching Council) to oversee our gradings, course reviews, student belt quries. This allows us to gradute students at a global standard fitting for what martial artist should stand for, something that has been very inconsistent around the world.

Chairman - Graham Slater (Profile)

Other board members will be published shortly.

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