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"Learning Martial Arts Can Be Done Anywhere - At Anytime"

Martial Arts Universities (MAU) has been a work in progress for many years by a group of like-minded martial artists that felt the industry needs higher qualifications available to instructors.

Now the demand for such a service has become much greater with thought it was time to fully launch our new martial arts education portal. This now gives millions of consumers access to learn from the world's best, wherever they are on the planet.

Our global platform operates as a superstore (Amazon / Netflix inspired) with education and entertainment content for everyone. Content is created by some of the world's leading authors / producers so you can become the best.

Our primary function is to deliver instructional video courses to the masses helping instructors around the globe reach more students. There are individual videos / courses on specialty subjects (Master Classes) to full curriculums from beginner to master. We also have provided a number of fight shows, tournaments and tv programs as entertainment which will rapidly expand. We are also in negotiations to acquire a selection of action movies which will be accessed via subscriptions, (free & paid).

Each region will have access to all the content at various prices, depending on their economic status, for example, prices will be cheaper in India than USA. As movies are introduced, they will be locked to a set region, so that royalties go to the appropriate owners in each country.

If you are passionate about what you do as a teacher and want to share your expertise around the globe, we would love to help you. Irrespective of your current position, we are happy to allocate more resources, so you get up and running faster.

For many students, this platform is a place to learn a diverse range of martial arts styles and get coaching from the comfort of their home, from the best, the world can offer. We have found over many years of research that over 50% of kids and young adults would love to learn a martial art, but are too nervous/scared to approach a gym/club.

MAU, has chosen to solve this problem as everyone can create their own account, securely purchase courses and learn from their own home. This is great preparation for people to start their martial arts journey and feel more confident to then seek out a local school in their area to advance their practical skills. Learning how to defend oneself or learn a favourite martial art, just got a whole lot easier.

We found that a lot of martial arts teachers have put their blood, sweat and tears into creating DVDs and now sales have dropped. Our platform can give these DVDs a second life to those courses, finally spread your knowledge and expertise to the wider audience of the world. You DVD doesn't have to be just a bunch of videos, it can be a full online course, with quizzes, easys and video submission assessments, making it so more valuable. We can help you convert your books into courses. At MAU we felt that too much knowledge is being lost, so we decided to also assist with the creation of new courses.

Martial Arts Universities will NOT EVERY MASTER IS ACCEPTED in our platform, because we only want the best. However, EVERYONE CAN LEARN and become an Affiliate if they want.

If you have any questions or regarding MAU please feel free to contact us.
If you want to join the team here at MAU please send your resume and cover letter to


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