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Paul Mracek - Master

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Taekwondo Master

Paul started training in martial arts in Melbourne, Australia in 1977, being inspired by Bruce Lee and Clade Van Damme.  He trained in both Taekwondo and Engineering at the same time and after obtaining qualifications travelled extensively in Asia and Europe; training in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China and studying meridian / pressure point theory and practice.  Paul achieved his Master level 6th Dan in Malaysia in 2007, International Coach through OCFM in 2008 and achieved his 8th Dan in Taekwondo /  TaekwonJitsu in 2016.

He is a CEO, author, trainer, coach, consultant, master black belt and successful businessman, with qualifications in NLP and Hypnotherapy. He is a Master Communicator with Paul continues his research into advanced martial arts principles  combined with defensive tactics for the community through to the professional; with thousands of Security Officers learning his training programs.  He continues to develop new training programs focused on TCM principles and bio-mechanical responses that are simple, safe and effective to learn and use. Paul has also gained additional qualifications in Meditation, and is a Mindfulness and is a Reiki Master.









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