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Graham Slater - Master

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Karate 7th Dan

Graham started training in martial arts in England in the year 1973, being inspired to by famous performer and fighter ‘Bruce Lee’. He came to Australia in 1975 and in 1981 he achieved his black belt.

Two years later, Graham was invited to join an Australian team to go to Japan where he trained and acquired his 2nd Dan under Sensei Yasuo Ikdea. Training in Japan was a completely new experience for Graham inspiring him to travel to Japan every year or so up until 1995 where in the years between he acquired his 3rd Dan in 1986.

Since then, Graham has achieved 7th Dan in Karate after years of travelling and training and has become the founder and director of ‘Martial Arts Australia’. Paving the way for the martial arts industry and allowing others to follow in his footsteps.

Graham Slater's Master Class Program draws elements from all his training experience and research over the past 47 years throughout his travels to more than 15 countries. Graham has broken up his curriculums into multiple sections so some parts are appropriate for novices as well as senior instructors / masters of any martial art. He covers everything from warm ups / stretching / body conditioning, static and moving meditation, general techniques / tactics, katas / bunkai and self defence / sparring drills.











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