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Masters Invitation

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The Masters Invitation

We have created an incredible opportunity for Martial Arts Masters to make their knowledge available to millions of people who are disadvantaged, by being unable to access the highest level of tuition in their region.

The facilitator, Martial Arts Universities has created a global education / entertainment platform that operates as a superstore (Amazon / Netflix inspired), to deliver your content. All contributors / authors get a very generous split of revenue when their videos / courses are purchased. They also get a secondary payment as an affiliate, if they introduce someone else, who purchases other products, not just their own. Naturally all this activity will develop a greater following of students from around the world for you. Each region will have access to the authors’ content at various prices, depending on their economic status, for example, prices will be cheaper in India than USA.

You may be sitting on books / dvds that you wrote / produced years back and this could be an opportunity to give them a new life, in a new format, to a different market. Your content / IP is protected from illegal downloading, through our portal only allowing viewing whilst logged in, unless you authorise it. Our primary function is to make available Martial Arts Mastery to the masses whilst giving more instructors, another income stream. We will also showcase fight shows, tournaments and tv programs as entertainment. We are also in negotiations to acquire a selection of action movies to be accessed via a subscription. This serves two purposes, it attracts more people to the platform for education and provides entertainment relief as well, (free & paid subscriptions).

We have categorised instructors into four positions, those that: A - Haven’t created any instructional videos or books B - Got books / videos but the videos are on DVD or an older format C - Got videos / programs but not packaged for online sales D - Got videos / programs packaged that are already selling online

# Books can made available as read only and rented for (6-12 months) # DVDs can made converted to a video file that can be rented for (6-12 months) # Follow along videos can be cut up into classes and accessed as above # Fight Show / Tournament videos can be available to rent or download # All of the above can be converted into a course with quizzes / video submission / certificate

A Status: We can help you create your own video masterpiece, or use our follow along distance learning director program, so you can film it yourself.

B Status: We can convert your Books / DVDs into an online format and slice it into appropriate chapters to serve as learning content. This workload needs to be discussed. C Status: We can present your books / videos in various packages from bite size subject pieces to full courses with interactive quizzes and essay / video submissions for assessing competencies. D Status: You can keep selling your videos / courses the same way, but also sell them through our global supermarket of educational material. You can sell all or part of your selection through our portal and we can simply migrate them across so you can reach a broader market and more people.

How do you get paid? We share in the revenue from the sale of your videos / courses and you also get an extra payment as an affiliate, (percentages for each section will be available upon application).

Who pays all the operational costs? We provide / maintain the platform, market courses to the world, process the payments, track the sales, interact with students, issue certificates etc. We take care of all of that, so you don’t have to allocate time to it and there’s no risk, with everything to gain.

We also help you create and sell your courses?

Irrespective of your current position, we are happy to allocate a set amount of resources, so you get up and running faster. The more sales you get, the greater your passive income and the more revenue we all make. It’s a team effort, working together to serve the industry / community, whilst being rewarded for our efforts.

If you are passionate about what you do and want to share your expertise around the globe, we would love to hear from you, CONTACT US HERE!

NEXT STEPS LOOKS LIKE THIS: Tell us about yourself (your profile), what videos / courses you have and what products you would like to sell through our superstore.

Once you have agreed to our terms, we will load your videos / courses into our platform for free in most cases and get them ready for delivery. We allocate a set time frame to load your material and convert it into a commercial course ready to sell. Our agreement outlines in more details what these time allocations are and the formats that we accept.

The million dollar question is, how many sales will you get? The honest answer is, we don’t know, we built a superstore and will advertise it extensively around the globe. We do know, that more people than ever, are in desperate need for online education and entertainment. It’s the same principle as you consigning over your book to a publisher, they do most of the marketing and take all the risk on whether it sells. Online portals in many regions, are the only means of  accessing training / education. It’s now an accepted / preferred method of content delivery for schools / universities with assessments         done the same way. The value of online courses, are not seen as any less valuable or credible with the lack of classroom delivery, nor has there been a need to drop their prices.

There is definitely a need for your skills / knowledge, it’s a matter of reaching more people and serving up your material in the right format, at the right price. Once a person lands on the university, some will be attracted to those names or styles they recognise, whilst others will just seek the skillsets they need, from any author. It will certainly pay to expand your profile with your qualifications / achievements / photos etc. How do you get paid? # When someone buys your videos / courses # When someone buys any product from MAU using your affiliate link When do you get paid? We will run a sales report on 21st each month and pay out on 28th Legacy Payments: We are here for the long term and have built in a legacy payments plan that continue when your circumstances change (or you pass away). You can nominate one or two banks accounts to receive ongoing payments from the sales of your courses. Once your course is loaded you can: # Do nothing and rely solely on MAU to generate sales # Tell everyone in your network where to find your courses online # Tell everyone about MAU and get paid from anyone’s course sold as an affiliate # Re-examine your own marketing / profile status and improve it # Spend money / time on your own marketing to build awareness of your courses # Re-evaluate your existing courses and see if you can add more appealing elements # Create more courses to introduce unique and diverse subject matter for more appeal

What are we doing to market all courses? Without going into a lot of details, we have partnered and made a number of alliances with other networks / companies / associations to extend our reach. We will also advertise in our magazines, videos, tv programs and business / consumer databases. Externally we will advertise in social media, relevant publications, directories and other relevant mediums, to maximise our reach. What other costs do we look after besides advertising? # MAU covers the cost of maintaining the educational platform and payment gateway. # The processing of orders and giving students instant access to courses # Tracking / reporting direct and affiliate sales each month # The administration – division of payments to each author / affiliate # Creating landing pages / content descriptions / profiles for each master / course # Assisting with creation and onboarding authors’ content # Making available a full video production studio in Melbourne (discounted rates)


After signing the agreement to the terms / conditions with your bank details we will be able to pay you. If your course is already with ‘Thinkific’ (the education platform we use) we can get it duplicated and instantly loaded to our store very quickly. If you operate with a free version, you will need to take the free trial and upgrade to a paid version for the migration, you can then go back to your free version when it’s done. Firstly - You will need to decide on the structure of your course. There are three types of courses.1.  A straight section of videos, where the student views episodes (1-10) but is not deemed as an actual course. There are no quizzes, exams or video submissions included, it is just follow along instruction without any assessment of competency. Therefore, no certificate is issued. This style of package doesn’t have as much appeal as the course styles below. Appeal factor (5/10)

  1. A course with video and other specific materials, separated into lessons, quizzes and assessments will have a certificate of merit/completion being issued. This style of package is viewed as a mainstream course with a higher appeal rating than the above.  Appeal factor (7/10)
  2. A full training curriculum (eg: white – black belt / instructor level) with above style lessons / quizzes / essays and a video submission and or face to face grading / assessment and or live video meeting with graduates issued with a certificate of grade. The outcome doesn’t have to be a belt/sash/singlet, it can be simply a level or instructor status. You can even add a probationary period of training requirement, if a student doesn’t meet your standard in the assessment. You don’t have to feel obliged to pass someone if they are not worthy, you can make them do things again until you are satisfied. Integrity before compromise, students need to meet your standard.

Our research supports that this type of course has the most appeal because people want to learn from the best master in the world and want to show off their certificate. Appeal factor (10/10)

Secondly - You will need to decide whether you have the time to create the course yourself, or if you need assistance from MAU. We charge a nominal fee to create and assemble your course. If you are going to create the course yourself (recommended) then please find two template documents attached to this email, the first attachment is a word document template that shows you how to present your course in a way that it fits into our platform, if you have any questions please feel free to email us. Secondly, there is a Quiz Template attached to this email which shows you how to add your quiz for each lesson (remember each quiz needs to have its own excel file). Once you have filled in the required content send through to we will assemble your course with the given documents. To send through your video content for the course, you have two options, either via YouTube, adding as an unlisted video and sending through the links or via and send to above email. If you don’t have the time or are not sure of the best way to assemble the course, at MAU we can help by assembling the WHOLE course for you, so you don’t have to worry. Contact us directly and we can arrange a price to create it and decide on the best way to create / display your course.

Lastly - If you have decided to include a video submission, please include within the course template the answers to these questions: # What tasks do the students need to complete in the video to complete the course? # What is the marking criteria? # How will the student submit the video to you? # Will the student receive a certificate upon passing? # Do you want to give the student the certificate upon passing, or leave it to us?

We look forward to helping you share your knowledge with as many people as possible. 



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