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Global Gradings - A Unique and Credible Method

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Martial Arts Gradings - Rank Examinations

Instructors looking to get higher Dan Grades now have a unique and credible method to have their existing belts ratified and/or go to the next level.

These standards have been developed over the past 27 years through the work of Martial Arts Australia (MAA). Now Martial Arts Universities (MAU) has brought in more leaders from around the globe, to share their knowledge / expertise. This allows for the inclusion of new elements, to meet the needs of developing broader international standards.

In the past, gradings have mainly been strictly taking place under a face to face environment which can limit expertise being used from other countries. Now that it has become more acceptable for examinations to be performed remotely. This can’t be used in all circumstances, but certainly in most. The main advantage of this is that the, most appropriate and experienced examiners can be called upon wherever they are in the world. This is why one of the reasons MAU was developed to help instructors / club owners disadvantaged by distance and finances to achieve their rank goals.

This doesn’t mean that clubs don’t need to do face to face gradings, we encourage them to keep doing it as the primary evaluation of students. MAU can add an extra credible and prestigious element to the process, by having appropriate masters available to ‘zoom’ in live, if wanted.

We are also rolling out Official Assessment Facilities around the globe to further assist in this process of grading high level martial artists. Schools around the globe can apply to be a Certified Assessment Centre where we will advertise their status and direct people there for credible examinations.

Over the years Martial Arts Australia has had many requests from instructors wanting to undertake higher Dan gradings and identified it was a global demand. With MartiaArts Universities assisting with this process gradings can be done anytime, at any level and from anywhere are the globe.

We also work with the International Board of Kanchos (IBOK) based in Australia and welcome other associations to lend their expertise to the grading and title issuing process.

Embarking on your next Dan grade should be a very memorable occasion and one that involves growth and validation of skills / knowledge. MAU is the perfect facility to offer the highest level of learning from internationally acclaimed masters or many styles to anyone who seeks this knowledge. MAU wants to make this knowledge / personal growth available in a technology format that can be assimilated by everyone at a price they can afford.

Scholarships -
MAU will offer a number of scholarships from half to full fee support, to help genuine people with substantial skills, commitment and dedication to be, the very best in their field.

The MAU Grading system has been based on general international timeline between ranks systems and will be tailored to the individual depending on the style they have been practising.

The following periods are a rough guideline that MAU uses:
1st dan – 2nd dan = 2 years 2nd dan – 3rd dan = 3 years 3rd dan – 4th dan = 4 years 4th dan – 5th dan = 5 years 5th dan – 6th dan = 6 years 6th dan – 7th dan = 7 years
Prices are based upon application and the type of process used to evaluate each candidate.

Our panel of masters believe it is a privilege to sit in front of you and watch the presentation of your art. We observe and make comment of your performance to give candidates support in their pursuit of personal development. At the successful completion of your presentation the masters will offer direction / support before issuing a certificate.




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