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If you are passionate about what you do and want to share your expertise around the globe, we would love to help you build a course.

There is definitely a need for your skills / knowledge, it’s a matter of reaching more people and serving up your material in the right format, at the right price. Once a person lands on the university, some will be attracted to those names or styles they recognise, whilst others will just seek the skillsets they need, from any author.

Irrespective of your current position, we are happy to allocate resources to get your courses up and running faster. Masters with an extensive well written presentation showcasing their qualifications, achievements and ranks etc, will definitely be more appealing. As we know many students love to brag about their teacher and the establishment at which they were educated.

This an opportunity to expand your student base around the globe, influence more people in a positive way and earn a passive income for your efforts. For some of you its not about the money but more about how you can change people's lives with your mentoring and guidance. Whether its sharing a Master Class or a Beginners Curriculum each will have a positive impact on the students.

To get started you are going to have tell us about what you have acheived and what you want to share. If you don’t like writing about yourself, because you think you might sound egotistic, get someone else to do it for you.

We use the term course and not just a video because courses have so much more value to the consumer / martial arts fanatic looking for knowlwedge. Down below is how we define a video verses a course.

1. A straight section of videos, where the student views episodes (1-10) but is not deemed as an actual course. There aren't quizzes, exams or video submissions included, it is just 'follow along instruction' without any assessment of competency. Therefore, no certificate is issued. This style of package doesn’t have as much appeal as the course styles below. 
Appeal factor depending on author (5/10)

Author maintenance required - None!

2. A course with video and other specific materials, separated into lessons, quizzes (Q & A self marking) with a certificate of merit/completion being issued. This style of package is viewed as a mainstream course with a higher appeal rating than the above. 
Appeal factor (7/10)

Author maintenance required - None!

3. A full training curriculum (eg: white – black belt / instructor level) with above style lessons / quizzes / essays and a video submission and or face to face grading / assessment and or live video meeting with graduates issued with a certificate of grade. The outcome doesn’t have to be a belt/sash/singlet, it can simply be a 'level' or 'instructor' status. You can even add a probationary period of training requirement, if a student doesn’t meet your standard in the initial assessment. You don’t have to feel obliged to pass someone if they are not worthy, you can make them do things again until you are satisfied. Integrity before compromise, students need to meet your standard. Our research supports that this type of course has the most appeal because people want to learn from the best master in the world and want to show off their certificate. 
Appeal factor (10/10)
Author maintenance required - View a video submission and/or mark an essay and/or live zoom chat

We can help you turn your videos into a course by using template documents and delivering them in a set format designed through our educational portal. Our Quiz Template shows you how to add your quiz for each lesson with each quiz having its own excel file for easy importing.

If you don’t have the time or are not sure of the best way to assemble the course, at MAU we can help by assembling the WHOLE course for you, so you don’t have to worry.

Once you have created this awesome content (videos and other resources) we want to assure you of it's security. In the past you may feel like its like just selling your instructional DVD and we can do that as well in a digital format. People / students have to enrol into your course to get access to the content, they can't download the videos, they only get access whilst they are enrolled. This period is generally 6-12 months and if the graduate wants to refresh themselves on the videos again, at the end of that timeframe, they can either for free or a nominal price we agree upon. This protects your interlectual property from being shared / copied like what happens with DVDs and other digital downloads.

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