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Mike Stone - Legend

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He was a star athlete in various sports events during his student days and joined the Army after graduating from high school. It was while stationed at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, that he met his karate instructor, Sgt. Herbert Peters, who had just returned from Okinawa. Mike started in Shorin-ryu and earned his brown belt in three months. He then established a world record for achieving his black belt rank in only six months from the day he started training. His legendary rise into karate superstardom came from winning all the major tournaments in his prime – from the Nationals in Virginia to the Internationals in California, the United States Karate Championships in Texas to the World Championships in Chicago. He never lost in any of his individual black belt matches as well as in kata competitions. He is recognized as the only black belt to retire undefeated with 91 consecutive black belt victories. He was inducted into Black Belt’s Hall of Fame twice as Fighter of the Year in 1971 and Instructor of the Year in 1994.

In the 1980s, Mike Stone ventured into writing and movie production. His original screenplay with the title Dance of Death, which was released as Enter the Ninja, started the worldwide ninja craze in the silver screen. He also acted, produced, choreographed and directed other martial arts movies, including the American Ninja series. He authored a martial arts book, American Eclectic Karate, in 1983.

Mike’s life and his experiences are varied and far-reaching with his long and successful career in athletics, in the movie industry, and the entertainment business, as well as being a writer, promoter, sports instructor, inventor, bodyguard and personal fitness trainer. These experiences, after years of introspection and reflection, have allowed him to create a comprehensive and dynamic program that allows anyone to make major positive lifestyle changes. His famed program, “Living Your Dreams Now,” has changed the lives of people who had heard him and applied the simple yet effective principles. The program involves the trilogy, which makes up who we are as human beings — the body, mind, and spirit or soul. It focuses on the four primary aspects that impact upon every person’s daily life; specifically love energy, time, and money. Mike Stone lives on what excites his imagination – poetry, art, music, dog-training, playing tennis, and golf among others.








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