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Become an Accredited / Certified Martial Arts Instructors

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Accredited / Certified Martial Arts Instructors

The most recognised qualification by everybody these days is being a “Certified Practitioner”, e.g. CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant), CPEng (Certified Professional Engineer), CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

These qualifications provide a point of difference that gives the message of trust, knowledge, experience and qualifications that people understand and are prepared to pay for these services.


Martial Arts Australia has been the industry's leading martial arts peak body, with much acclaim around the world. This is why Martial Arts Universities has worked with them closely, to create its new education platform and use some of their priciples for RPL processes.


This method of recognising and instructor's prior learning / knowledge (RPL) is a fair way to allow them to qualify for higher grades or complete selected courses without having to through certain exams.


Many Instructors in Australia use a most established and credible Martial Arts Coaching System (AMACS) to train their up and coming instructors. It is also used by senior / master teacher to upskill in selected areas. As this has been a valid asset for the Australian Martial Arts Industry we have incorporated it into Martial Arts Universities. We have also been able to modify and add new material giving it more diverse material for a broader audience.


The MAU accreditation process takes into account an instructor's existing qualifications and experience. If an instructor doesn't meet what is deemed as the international standard for a coach we have a number of options for them (case by case). One of the options is to complete one of the AMACS courses (there are three levels).


How is the accreditation process applied?
We take into account an instructor's experience (how long they have been training), their grade, any coaching courses both inhouse and external including certificate courses.


Certified Practising Instructor (CPI) status is most sort after position for a martial arts instructor because it is gaining recognition from multiple areas and holds a high commercial value.


CPI - 5yrs MA experience / NRT qualification = Accredited Coach
CSI - 10yrs MA experience / Cert III+ qualification = Senior Accredited Coach
CMI - 15yrs MA experience / Cert IV+ qualification = Master Accredited Coach


More about the process and cost of obtaining a Certified Instructor will be coming soon.




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