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Martial Arts Universities Author/Affiliate Agreement 






Payments All Affiliate Fee payments will be payable in USD only, except as otherwise determined by IMACC in its sole discretion. Payment will be made through PayPal or Stripe or directly into their bank account to the email address specified by the Affiliate. The Affiliate is responsible for providing IMACC with the full and accurate details that are required to remit the Affiliate Commission and is solely responsible for any delays in payment resulting from its failure to do so. At the end of an agreement period the referrals will become void, and any unpaid Affiliate Commissions will be forfeited, after 60 days if we are not informed of a continuation.

In the event of any activity (transactions) are deemed suspicious (eg spam / fraudulent purchases), an investigation will be conducted. This may create delays in Affiliate Commissions until verification of the relevant transactions is confirmed as valid. IMACC reserves the right to recalculate, void, or disqualify any referrals or Affiliate Commission in the event of any fraudulent, deceptive or otherwise illegal activity.

Legacy Payments:

We are here for the long term and have built in legacy payments plan that continue if an author is not around to receive payments. You can nominate one or two banks accounts to receive ongoing payments from the sales of your courses.

Authors / Affiliates get paid when:

# When someone buys your videos / courses

# When someone buys any product from IMACC using your affiliate link Authors / Affiliates get paid:

IMACC will run a sales report on 21st each month and pay out on 28th

IMACC agrees to pay ‘THE AUTHOR’ a:

# 50 / 50 split on their courses sold to general consumers (not an affiliate – without coupon).

# 45 / 45 split plus 10% of the retail price if the Author (via their affiliate link – without coupon).

# 40 / 40 split plus 10% of the retail price if the Author (via their affiliate link with a 10% off coupon).

# 10% when an Author’s affiliate buys any course in the library


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